Girls playing with handcuffs

Plus blindfolded balloon escape video!

Megan Star cuffed and topless!

Megan Star cuffed and topless!

86 pictures and 2:19 mins of video

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5 Responses to “Megan Star cuffed and topless!”

  1. 1
    s.p. Says:

    i want…

  2. 2
    xerus Says:

    How about a video of Megan Star wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt and heels, with her hands cuffed behind her and leg-irons. Have her walk around and struggle a bit with the cuffs, but don’t give her the key. IF you did it outside, that would be awesome, but inside works too.

  3. 3
    yxzhong Says:

    fans of cuffs

  4. 4
    Marco B Says:

    Fessel mich und kratz mich

  5. 5
    soggo Says:

    Megan definitely IS a star… I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to kiss these lovely lips

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