Nicole Elizabeth in Chinese cuffs

In the video: a balloon escape! But this time, all the balloons contain a key, Nicole Elizabeth has to work out which key is the correct one.

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7 thoughts on “Nicole Elizabeth in Chinese cuffs

  1. Hey Nicole, How dose it feel to be restrained? Do you like it? Are you going to continue to do it?

    I think that you are the best girl on this website and think that you look the best in any pair of handcuffs and in any position.

    You just always seem to make them look so HOT on you and you just always look so cute when your locked up in them.

    It is like they are a peice of jewelry on you. You make them work so well on you.

    I love the way thta you look in all of your pictures, you always look like you are having fun and how you make the cuffs a part of how you look.

    I think thta you should keep doing this and looking as cute as you can while doing it cause thta is what the people who have seen your pictures and videos think.

    So Nicole please keep on posting new videos and pictures for all of us to see and do what you love to do.

    BTW: You look so hot while you are restrained.

  2. Nicole Elizabeth looks so cute wit her hands cuffed to her feet.

    Now why dose she not tyr sitting up and have her hands be cuffed to her ankles with high security hing cuffs.

    Then have here toes be cuffed with toe cuffs and have her ankles be cuffed together with high security hing cuffs as well.

    This possition would make her look much hotter.
    Plus it would be more of a challenge for her.

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