Girls playing with handcuffs

Including self cuffing and self unlocking video clips!

Christie’s rainbow selfcuffing

Christie’s rainbow selfcuffing

103 pictures and 3:47 mins of video

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2 Responses to “Christie’s rainbow selfcuffing”

  1. 1
    anto Says:

    Christie, I don’t like if you are wearing that handcuffs.
    They are look like toys only. But I am very very like your body with that bikini. And I like your face and your hair to. Your eyes so good. I will come to you with bring handcuff and leg cuff. I will make you are “mine” …..

  2. 2
    tamara Says:

    and i would come and assist anto by slowly pulling the straps of your bikini and make the top and the undie fall on the floor leaving you naked and vulnerable
    (kisses tamara)

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